About the tool

This online tool is designed as a guide for NGO programming. It is intended for organizations who want to set-up or improve programmes to support economic opportunities for young people in fragile settings. The tool has formulated six key questions to help you think through the goals of your programmes and reflect on what young people need to become effective economic agents.

The tool is not about providing you with ready-made answers. Its aim is to help you come up with answers that work for you. There are many possible ways to go about strengthening economic opportunities for young people. This tool outlines the scope and takes you through some of the key choices.

What can this tool do?

The tool can be of help if you and your organization are aiming to develop or improve interventions. It can support you in refining Theories of Change, and it can assist in evaluation and reporting, ultimately allowing you to bring more clarity to what your organization is trying to achieve.

How to use this tool

Use the six questions as a guide to look critically at your ongoing and emerging programmes. Following each question is a concise explanation clarifying its relevance and scoping possible directions in which your answer might go. You can then click onto somewhat lengthier explanations for examples, evidence from our research and references to literature. A link is provided to the full research report at the bottom of each page.

How was this tool developed?

This tool was developed during a six-month research project lead by a consortium of Dutch NGOs and Wageningen University. The tool draws on the rich and varied approaches of the consortium members to economic opportunity interventions and on field research in South Sudan and Burundi. The tool reflects the many discussions and critical dialogue within the consortium and with the field-based staff.


The text for this online tool was written by Gemma van der Haar and Wouter van Bruggen, Sociology of Development and Change, Wageningen University, in collaboration with the participating NGOs and The Broker.

The ideas expressed on this site represent the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the participating organizations. Authors have attempted to accurately represent the views of all who participated in the project. We claim responsibility for any errors of interpretation.

Contact: gemma.vanderhaar@wur.nl.